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Coffee With The Dustmen


Sir John Verney, Bt (1913-1993) was the archetypical English gentleman. A decorated war hero, one of the early members of the SBS, a skilled and prolific artist, he drew the covers of Collins Magazines for fifteen years and wrote a dozen books including a best-seller about his experiences in World War Two. John became an ardent conservator of buildings, a founder of the Farnham Building Preservation Trust, a local councillor, served on diverse committees and became a friend to many. Known in Farnham for riding around town on his old black bicycle wearing a battered trilby hat.
‘Coffee with the Dustmen’ is the full story of his life, from his birth, early years in India and his schooldays. The work covers his extraordinary war career, his family life, work as a councillor and conservator as well as covering his other eclectic interests in Farnham, Surrey. It concludes with a chapter on his ‘retirement’ to Clare in Suffolk and his legacy to the world.
“Fills a long-awaited need”.

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